HanAll Biopharma is transforming for patients

With humble beginnings as a pharmaceutical producer in 1973, HanAll Biopharma has come a long way, expanding its reach and impact in the Korean market by providing affordable medicines to patients. Fast forward to today, HanAll Biopharma has made remarkable strides in the global biopharma industry with its promising pipeline, which has the potential to make a meaningful contribution to patients’ lives.

2020-Present Continuously Transforming into a global biopharma company

HanAll Biopharma is not resting on its laurels, as it is currently pushing the boundaries of drug development in fields Continuously Transforming into.

In collaboration with global partners, HanAll Biopharma is expanding its R&D capabilities by investing in new drug developers, enabling it to make its mark on the global market. One of its most promising developments is batoclimab, a cutting-edge FcRn inhibitor licensed out to global partners such as Harbour BioMed and Immunovant in 2017. With Phase 2 and 3 clinical trials currently underway in the USA and China, batoclimab is poised to revolutionize the current treatment options in an array of autoimmune diseases, including myasthenia gravis (MG), thyroid eye disease (TED) and chronic inflammatory dehydration multiple neuropathy (CIDP).

HanAll is also collaborating with Daewoong Pharmaceutical to develop innovative medicines in dry eye disease and immune-oncology, further bolstering its reputation as a leading force in the global biopharma industry.

Preparing for another leap to become a global biopharma, HanAll is dedicated to pushing the limits of what's possible in medicine and will continue to lead the way in developing cutting-edge treatments to improve the lives of patients worldwide.

  • 2023
    HL161 Phase 3 clinical trial top-line results for Myasthenia gravis (MG) in China
    Entered open collaboration with Interon Laboratories
  • 2022
    Received recertification on anti-bribery management system, ISO 37001
  • 2021
    HL187 Selected for national new drug development program
    HL61 Phase 2 Clinical trial for Thyroid eye disease (TED) in China initiated
    HL161 Phase 3 clinical trial in China for Myasthenia gravis (MG) initiated
    Announcement of HL161 Phase 2 clinical trial top-line result in China
    Participated in Series A funding of NurrOn Pharmaceuticals with Daewoong Pharmaceutical
    HL036 Phase 3 clinical trial in China Initiated
  • 2020
    HL161 Phase 3 clinical trial top-line result in US
    Completion of Phase 3 clinical trial of HL036 in US for Dry eye disease (DED)
    HL161 Phase 2 Clinical trial top-line results for Thyroid eye disease (TED) in US