HanAll Biopharma, Conclusion of Joint Development Contract for New Medicine of Dry Eye Disease with Daewoong Pharmaceutical


HanAll Biopharma and Daewoong Pharmaceutical have announced that they have concluded the joint development contract of ‘HL036’, the new medicine for dry eye disease under development by HanAll.​


Under the agreement, HanAll will receive 1.5 billion KRW of the contract fee and total 7.8 billion KRW of technology fee, and both companies will be equally responsible for the R&D cost of HL036 to be invested. Moreover, with this contract, both companies will have the global business right of “HL036” for dry eye disease. In case of self-commercialization, the operating profit will be distributed equally between two companies, and in case of overseas license out, the total fee of technology will also be distributed equally into half between two companies.​


A new medicine under development by HanAll Biopharma for dry eye disease, ‘HL036’ is novel biologic medicine of eye drop for eye wash made of advanced anti-TNF antibody. As a result of pre-clinical trial (animal test), the effect and safety of “HL036” are outstanding, and the clinical trial phase 1 is in process.​


Dry eye disease is a disease from damaged surface of eyeball by excessive evaporation of tear or insufficient formation of tear, and the disease occurs from high osmosis and accumulation of infective material within tear. From aging society, excessive use of computer, and environmental change due to use of air conditioning and heating equipment, the number of dry eye disease patients are increasing to have 3 trillion KRW of the global market.​


Bio Better medicines like HL036 of HanAll are advanced medicines with elongated and enhanced medicinal effect for convenience through the technology of developing original biomedicines. This Bio Better takes over 45% of the protein biomedicine market over the world. Especially, the anti-TNF antibody is the largest antibody medicine with the market size of 26 trillion KRW over the world, and the representative product is Enbrel Inj for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. It restricts combination with TNF receptor, which brings various inflammatory disease, to have outstanding therapeutic mechanism for anti-inflammation.​


HL036 is a Bio Better with molecular reorganization that has been improved to indicate more stability and vitality and high tissue-distribution rate compare to conventional anti-TNF antibody, and the company is expecting better therapeutic effect of dry eye disease.​


The advanced Bio Better technology of Hanall called “Resistein” Technologyhas been used, and by using such technology of platform development, Hanall will apply this to arthritis, chronic respiratory infection, neurological infection, inflammatory bowel disease, and other severe inflammation besides a dry eye disease to develop further pipelines for new medicines.​


A spokesperson from HanAll Biopharma stated, “Since Daewoong Pharmaceutical has experiences of overseas expansion of botulinium toxin injection NABOTA and well-maintained overseas network, ‘HL036’ will successfully enter into the global market with various methods. Through this joint development, the R&D synergy between two companies is expected to be invigorated.”